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EVO Token DApps

We are building products for
the next generation of users

The EVO token and it’s flagship DApp, TronChat, are raising the bar and giving every user the power to earn.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts have been waiting patiently for DApps that reflect the revolutionary quality of decentralized ledger technology. Despite the hype, there are still very few DApps on the market, and none that have increased adoption.

We’re here to put an end to blockchain mediocrity and deliver DApps that everyone and their grandma will love.

DApps Suck... But They Shouldn’t

It’s no secret that today’s DApps remind us of clunky web products from the 90s. Poor concept and execution is stifling adoption.

Broken User Experience

Users do not care if your app is running off of blockchain or wind turbines on Jupiter, if the in-app experience sucks they will leave and never come back.

Great user experiences create viral growth and product adoption, and as a result deserve to be given high priority.

Data and Value Theft

Across the centralised web, users are being robbed of valuable information and value they contribute to online platforms, whether it be in the form of data, content, engagement, attention or otherwise.

This value was created by users, and they deserve the chance to benefit from it.

Our Solution

Raising the bar and returning value

By focusing on innovative, AAA quality products that are designed to attract and retain users in the crowded internet space, the DApp Evolution Ecosystem will serve as a giant leap forward for blockchain products.

Leveraging new possibilities created by the internet of value, DApps in the EVO token ecosystem will give users the tools to earn real value from their actions and time spent online.

Next Release:

Pizza Heroes

Pizza Heroes set to release in Q3/2019.

Pizza Heroes is an open world action rpg video game that has a variety of game-modes that range from competitive to adventure where players contribute to an economy to earn rewards. Pizza Heroes is powered by Tron blockchain.

DApp Evolution Ecosystem

Pizza Heroes

3D Collectible Gaming Universe powered with EVO

Pizza Heroes answers what to do with your blockchain collectible after you buy it. You can play with it in an open world or use your character in a variety of arcade games. Going beyond the breeding and collecting we will allow players to earn TRX, EVO and other currencies along the way.

  • Heroes & Items are NFT Items on Tron
  • Collect, Breed and Trade
  • Arcade Games
  • Much much more


More than an app, TronChat and EVO are creating an entirely new social world.

EVO will power the next generation of DApps such as digital asset marketplaces, paid inboxes, blockchain collectibles and social media 3.0.

  • Paid Inboxes
  • Premium Content
  • Microtask Marketplace
  • Collectibles Marketplace
  • Original Collectibles & Games


TronRadar tracks Tron DApps and tokens. TronRadar will provide analytics to the entire Tron community, allowing for transparent tracking of activity on the network.

This critical community resource will also serve to bring exposure to newly released tokens and DApps on Tron. All EVO ecosystem partners will benefit from featured placement and promotion on the site.



The world’s first Tron collectible Marketplace, playing host to all Tron nonfungible tokens and rare digital items.

TronCollectibles.com will be integrated as the collectibles marketplace for TronChat and other DApps, bridging the gap between social media and digital assets. This bridge between online social identity and digital collectibles will give new meaning and value to those assets, while providing an environment for them to proliferate and flourish.

TronColllectibles Beta Screen

Original Games

The DApp Evolution team is developing original collectibles and games featuring exclusive items and actions for token holders. EVO tokens will be accepted as payment and grant access to exclusive items and actions not available for purchase with other tokens.

DApp Incubator

A portion of EVO tokens will be reserved to provide funding to promising DApps that further its overall vision and stimulate the development of its ecosystem. DApps in the incubator program will be given unique access to the EVO ecosystem team and strategic advisors.

The Leadership Team

The team combines a passion for tech, video games, industry expertise & proven record in finance, development & marketing.


DW Murray


DW is a serial entrepreneur and self-taught internet prodigy, launching his first website at the age of 7 in 1991. DW ran the largest hip hop communities in the 90s and 2000s, attracting millions of members and over 30 million hits each month. He then moved to a leading YouTube MCN, Big Frame, developing tech, growth hacking and building multi-million subscriber channels across a multitude of influencers and content niches. DW founded a technology incubator, and has successfully funded and launched several apps and digital businesses. Drawing on a lifetime of innovation, DW provides the technical expertise and vision for EVO.

Leadership & Vision

Elliot Wainman


Elliot is a marketing expert and leading blockchain influencer, hosting a popular cryptocurrency youtube channel: FUD TV. Elliot has worked at a several innovative tech startups, climbing to executive operations positions in each company as a result of his relentless dedication and effective leadership style. Elliot’s skillset and endless hustle are a perfect complement to Dave’s technical expertise and vision.

Business & Law

Ali Abbas


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Sr Developer

Vlad Belov

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With 10+ other team members in development, design, community & more,
helping us achieve the EVO dream each day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What products are currently part of the EVO Ecosystem?

EVO-powered products currently include TronRadar, TronCollectibles, Original Collectibles, TronChat and the EVO DApp Incubator.

Will EVO be available in more DApps than those listed?

Forging partnerships with other products and marketplaces to expand the utilities for EVO tokens are a central goal for the team.

How decentralized are the DApps in the EVO ecosystem?

TronChat and other DApps in the EVO ecosystem will work towards full decentralization over time. As of now, the Tron blockchain is still developing its abilities to handle data transfer and more complex file storage and delivery systems. EVO ecosystem developers will work to be on the forefront of this movement.

Why is there a Presale and a Main sale?

The Presale will provide the Tron community the earliest possible opportunity to support the DApp Evolution Ecosystem. Details regarding the main sale will be released at a date closer to the sale.

How long are the founders coins locked for?

Founders coins will be locked for three years. The founding team believes strongly in the long-term vision for the EVO ecosystem, and acknowledges the value of backloading incentives. The founders of the EVO project hope to work on the DApp Evolution Ecosystem for decades of their lives, and aim to create industry-defining products.

How long will your token sale run?

Our presale will last 70 days or until the hard cap has been reached.

What kind of token is EVO?

EVO tokens are tokens that live on the Tron blockchain.

Is the supply of EVO fixed?

YES. The supply of EVO will never exceed 100,000,000.

Where will EVO be accepted?

EVO will be accepted at TronRadar, TronCollectibles.com, throughout the TronChat ecosystem, at Tron-based dApp accelerators and more as time goes on.

What is the token contract address for EVO?


Is the TronChat (TRCT) Token part of your ecosystem?

NO. This token was created by scammers and unaffiliated with our team and ecosystem. Only purchase tokens directly from the DAppEvolution.com.

What is the token ID for EVO?

EVO Token ID: 1001757

Is EVO a utility token?

EVO is strictly a utility token, allowing its holders to access goods and in-app functionality within the DApp Evolution Ecosystem, which is currently live. The token does not represent ownership, profit participation or allow for other value-adding mechanisms. Purchasers of EVO tokens should do so with the intention of utilizing them within EVO Ecosystem DApps.

Do EVO tokens entitle holders to any special rights?

No. The EVO token can solely be used to redeem virtual goods and services within the EVO Ecosystem, and does not entitle holders to voting, ownership or any other added rights.

Who created the EVO token?

The EVO token was created using TronScan.org which leverages existing functionality within the Tron Blockchain. The EVO team is not responsible for maintaining or managing the TronScan platform or Tron blockchain.

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