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The EVO token is raising the bar and giving every user the power to earn.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts have been waiting patiently for DApps that reflect the revolutionary quality of decentralized ledger technology. Despite the hype, there are still very few DApps on the market, and none that have increased adoption.

We’re here to put an end to blockchain mediocrity and deliver DApps that everyone and their little brother to grandma will love.

DApps Suck... But They Shouldn’t

It’s no secret that today’s DApps remind us of clunky web products from the 90s. Poor concept and execution is stifling adoption.

Broken User Experience

Users do not care if your app is running off of blockchain or wind turbines on Jupiter, if the in-app experience sucks they will leave and never come back.

Great user experiences create viral growth and product adoption, and as a result deserve to be given high priority.

Data and Value Theft

Across the centralised web, users are being robbed of valuable information and value they contribute to online platforms, whether it be in the form of data, content, engagement, attention or otherwise.

This value was created by users, and they deserve the chance to benefit from it.

Our Solution

Raising the bar and returning value

By focusing on innovative, AAA quality products that are designed to attract and retain users in the crowded internet space, the DApp Evolution Ecosystem will serve as a giant leap forward for blockchain products.

Leveraging new possibilities created by the internet of value, DApps in the EVO token ecosystem will give users the tools to earn real value from their actions and time spent online.

Next Release:

Pizza Heroes

Pizza Heroes Game to release in 2020.

Pizza Heroes is a competitive multiplayer arena game. Where players can earn rank and reward while perfecting their skill. Pizza Heroes NFT items will be powered by the Tron blockchain.

EVO Token:

EVO is a TRC10 token with the toekn ID of #1001757
see tronscan for more info
EVO token is available to trade on TronTrade.

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